Invitation To Eupaco 2

EUPACO-2 Conference

Dear FFII member,

On 15 and 16 May our new FFII daughter, the "European Software Market Association" (Esoma), is organising a major conference to discuss the patent system in Europe. This conference - EUPACO-2 - is in Brussels, and Esoma is inviting FFII members to this event.

There will be about 30 expert speakers from around the world, including Mark Shuttleworth, Prof. Reto Hilty, David Martin, Dan Ravicher, John Duffy, and other experts. This is a unique occasion for active FFII members to meet to the people who are leading the debates in academic and institutional circles.

FFII members can book a place at this two-day event for free, which includes everything that the normal fee (250.00 Euros) covers. To qualify for free attendance, you must be a registered FFII member, and you are encouraged (but not required) to treat EUPACO-2 as a research opportunity, to collect information and useful quotes, to make contacts with the visiting experts and other participants, and afterwards to take part in FFII workgroups on EPLA and other patent issues. We need volunteers to make recordings and transcriptions of the panel debates, and to help with the organisation.

To reserve your place, please use the registration form at and mention "FFII member" in the comments field. If you decide not to come afterwards, please do tell us as soon as possible in advance since every registration costs Esoma quite a bit of money.

On the evening before the conference, Esoma is organising a welcome evening drink and dinner with the speakers, on the 14th of May, from 7pm to 10pm. If you are in Brussels that evening - whether or not you are coming to EUPACO-2 - you are invited to come to that occasion. It'll be a more private and relaxed moment to discuss with the speakers, especially with the visitors from the US. Please let me know if you can come to this evening.

Lastly, the FFII board is meeting in Brussels the day after EUPACO-2 (May 17th), at the iMatix building. As an FFII member you are encouraged to come and take part. Please let the board know if you plan to come.

Any questions? Email me, at moc.xitami|hp#moc.xitami|hp, or the board at gro.iiff|draob#gro.iiff|draob.

Pieter Hintjens
President, FFII

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