Eupaco 2 Reception

Dear FFII member,

On Monday the 14th of May, if you are in or near Brussels, I would
like to invite you to come to the EUPACO-2 VIP reception. This will be
at De Markten in the centre of Brussels, from 7pm until 10pm. We will
serve drinks, food, and there will be a live jazz trio.

The point of this evening is to meet and discuss with the EUPACO
speakers who will be there; it will be a very good opportunity to

The following non-FFII VIPs will be at the evening:

Lee Hollaar, Brian Kahin, Johanna Gibson, Salvatore Torrisi, Paola
Giuri, Geertrui Van Overwalle, Roger Burt, Dan Ravicher, Ed Black,
David Ellard, Jim Bessen, Corinna Heineke, Ron Marchant, Amedee
Turner, Eva Lichtenberger, Margarethe Koch, Vera Franz, Barbara Held,
Evangelina Blanco, Rebeca de Sancho Mayoral, Bara Kocianova.

If you can make this event please email me and let me know.


Pieter Hintjens
President, FFII

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